Thursday, February 17, 2011

Minimum age limit?

Minimum Age Limit

When the majority of people hear about a minimum age limit they usually think of drinking, driving, gambling, and buying cigarettes, but do not consider all the other activities in the United States that have age requirements.

Depending on the state, the minimum age range is between eighteen and twenty-one in order to gamble or buy lottery tickets. For drinking on public premises or the purchasing of alcohol, the minimum age is twenty-one in all states. For bartending, the minimum age varies between the states, with twenty-four states allowing eighteen to be the minimum, but only if there is a manager or supervisor present that is of legal drinking age. The requirements for bar servers also vary between the states with the majority, thirty-seven states and Washington D.C. allowing the servers to be eighteen. Depending on the state you wish to marry in will determine how old you need be to gain a license, with Hawaii and Missouri allowing children to marry at fifteen with a parent’s consent, but the majority of the states require the potential spouses to be eighteen without a parent’s consent.

If working for the state with no federal restrictions, a child can start at twelve, but if there are federal restrictions with the company, the employee needs to be fourteen. If working with hazardous equipment in the agriculture business the minimum age requirement increases to sixteen or eighteen for all non-agriculture related jobs. The age requirement for acceptance into preschool is three and the child must be potty trained.