Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prevent ski injuries with appropriate ski training

Downhill skiing can result both serious and minor injuries if you aren’t prepared. With appropriate ski training you can protect most of injuries and gain your skiing condition. Most professional skiers return returns to the slopes after months away.  No matter what type of a skier you are, you could end up with minor aches, pains or a serious injury if you do not spend some time to prepare your body with some ski training. There are different parts you need to include in ski exercise training.

Skiing require both technical and physical skills. One part of training should include exercises for muscular strength, which will improve your ability to relax and still maintain control, while making quick adjustment needed on uneven terrain. Strength training is on of the crucial parts. Other part that should be included in ski training is exercises for explosive power, which are exercise, include plyometrics, sprinting, agility drills and hill or stair running. One of great plyometrics exercise is to stand on a bench or box jump down and immediately back up, and doing this for 30 seconds at a time. Ski training should include exercises for flexibility and endurance.

Another way to boost ski condition is to use ski simulator for ski training. This machine simulates moving during skiing and is also used by professional skiers. To get more information about ski simulators go here and check when ski training can be really fun.