Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jobs in Slovenia

Jobs in Slovenia center largely on tourism and exports, which means that job vacancies tend to be abundant in the areas of service and manufacturing. While the Internet may seem like a likely source for jobs in Slovenia, most of the organizations that are dedicated to connecting job seekers with potential employers construct websites that are solely in the Slovene language. Italian and German are the other two most common languages, which can make it difficult for English-language speakers to locate job vacancies. Work life in Slovenia is very similar to employment in other areas of the world, although employees from outside the European Union will require a work permit to hold employment in Slovenia. Taxes may be slightly higher, as the tax schedule is broken down as:

  • Salaries up to €7,410: tax rate 16%
  • Salaries between €7,411 – 14,821: tax rate 27%
  • Salaries over €14,822: tax rate 41%

Jobs in Slovenia range primarily from manufacturing and service, although translator positions are widely available for conversion between the English and Slovene languages. Job vacancies are primarily listed in the Slovene language, however, which can make job hunting more difficult for those not proficient in the native language.