Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jobs In Slovenia

Slovenia enjoys great natural beauty, a good standard of living, and various living environments that include the Alps, plains and Mediterranean Sea. The country seceded from Yugoslavia in 1991 and joined the European Union (EU) in 2004. For many years, jobs in Slovenia represented the best deal in Europe because of the high standard of living, low costs, and high demand for professional workers.

Companies that transfer employees to Slovenia postings ensure that all applicable Slovenia laws of minimum and maximum hours are met. Manufacturing jobs have been hardest hit by economic turmoil throughout the region, and India and China often encroach on manufacturing output with efficient, mass-produced goods that Slovenia has had trouble matching due to the slow privatization of state-owned businesses. Excellent positions are available for teachers in private education, especially English teachers, because English language popularity continues to grow. Immigrants from non-European countries must obtain a valid work permit to work in the country.

A large minority of the population speaks German, Hungarian, and Italian, but Slovenian is the official language. Real estate, mechanical engineering, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals offer excellent positions for qualified candidates.

Major companies offering good positions in Slovenia include Revoz, a Renault-owner car manufacturer; Petrol, an oil distribution company; Krka and Lek, pharmaceutical companies; Zavarovalnica Triglav, an insurance company; Nova Ljubljanska Banka, a bank; and Mercator, a retailer.

The country celebrates 15 public holidays, and the religion is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic.

Tax rates are 16 percent up to €7,410, 27 percent for incomes of €7,411 — €14,821, and 41 percent on higher incomes.